We exist to humbly point EVERYONE to absolute HOPE.
Journey Church is located in Huntersville, NC, in the heart of the Lake Norman Area (LKN). Our aim as a church is simple:

We exist to humbly point EVERYONE to absolute HOPE.

The world is always looking for hope, and we believe that Jesus Christ is that Hope, our ABSOLUTE, unyielding hope. We also believe that God has called our church to point everyone to that hope, but that we are also called to do that with a confident humility.

In everything that we do, we want to humbly point everyone to absolute Hope. Whether we’re gathering together on a Sunday morning or are outside our walls serving LKN, we want to humbly point everyone to absolute Hope.


We are Transformed People Changing Our Friends' Lives by Absolute Hope
of a Disciple
At Journey, we believe that discipleship is a lifelong walk and relationship with Jesus. We help to visualize a walk with Jesus by outlining 4 Core Ambitions that any disciple of Christ should have: Partnering, Growing, Serving, & Leading.
Note that all 4 of these ambitions are active words, implying that we continue to engage each of these ambitions continuously. Similar to how the four wheels on a car work in combination, we should be engaging each of the 4 Core Ambitions simultaneously. As disciples, we should be Partnering, Growing, Serving, & Leading if we truly want to follow Jesus.
Partnering brings Community.

We don’t have traditional church membership at Journey, because membership tends to imply privilege and entitlement. We’re not hating on other churches who have it, we would just much rather partner with you to accomplish the work of the Church together.
Partnering at Journey has three key parts: Community, Volunteering & Giving.

We are so ALL IN on Partnering that we have a whole section dedicated to it!

Growing brings Change.

Just like a tree, if you’re not GROWING, you're probably DYING.
Growing in your faith is an important part of our walks with Jesus. This includes expanding our understanding of God, growing in our relationship with Him, taking steps to increase our faith in our everyday lives, and so much more.
Growing at Journey can take many forms, from Life Groups to Access Groups, or even learning how to study the Bible on your own, we should all be taking steps regularly to grow. We all want to see change in our lives, and we know that growing brings change.
Serving brings purpose.

Serving at Journey is when we go outside the walls of the church to humbly point everyone to absolute Hope. This could be as simple as helping a neighbor with yard work or as big as going on a Journey GO (Global Outreach) trip to West Virginia, Peru, or Kenya.
Serving is a natural part of becoming like Jesus because he was the ultimate servant. We regularly take time to find ways to serve in the LKN area and even those right where we live, work, and play. Serving is less an event on a calendar and more a lifestyle and outlook on life.
We believe that as we serve others, we often find purpose in our service. As disciples of Jesus, we should live as humble servants, because He has served us first.
Leading brings Hope.

When we say Leading, we’re referring to how Jesus has called us to go first, to extend ourselves to those around us to share the Gospel with them. While sharing your faith may seem overwhelming and even intimidating, we believe that our job is to be obedient and willing and that the Holy Spirit is who brings the Hope to those we share the Gospel with.
At Journey, we believe there are 5 simple guidelines for how we should share our faith with others:
1. You won’t fail.
2. It’s for everyone. (Both to Share & to Receive)
3. Be driven by love.
4. Tell your story.
5. Be yourself.
(Check out this great message for more about how we can share our faith normally and regularly.)
Everyone who follows Jesus should be regularly leading in their lives by sharing the Gospel with those around them, not by obligation, but out of an overflowing of what God has done in their lives. With all that He has done for us, why would we not want to humbly point everyone to absolute Hope?
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