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Matt Dawson - December 10, 2017

Part 1 | God the Father

In Part 1, our Lead Pastor, Matt Dawson, helps to further our understanding the role God the Father plays in the Trinity.

From Series: "A Beautiful Mystery"

Mystery is not the usual part of most people’s lives. In fact, most people try to avoid mystery and steer towards certainty and complete understanding when they can. However, there are mysteries in our world that inspire awe and are even beautiful in their complexity. One such beautiful mystery in our faith is seen all throughout the Bible, and that’s the Trinity.

In our series, A Beautiful Mystery, we’re going to try to better embrace the beautiful mystery of The Trinity because it is foundational to our understanding of God. By having a better understanding of how the Trinity is defined, how the Trinity operates, and how the Trinity is relevant to our lives, we can grow in our understanding of God.

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