Around here, we believe that Growing brings Change. We also believe that the best way to experience growth in your life is to do life together with others.
Moving from the rows at our gatherings to the circles in our groups will help you to build intentional relationships that will help you grow in your faith and personal relationship with Jesus.
We have two different kind of groups at Journey: Life Groups & Connect Groups
Life Groups are typically 8-12 adults or students, usually in the same stage of life (like Young Families, Empty Nesters, Singles, etc), meet regularly for a year or more to pursue spiritual growth & healthy relationships.
In a Life Group, you’ll be encouraged to live out the truth you discover in the Bible, even as you encourage others to do the same. Groups typically use Bible studies, books, or even video series to guide their discussions together. These Groups also spend time hanging out and simply doing fun stuff together.
The best way to join a Life Group is to attend GroupLink, which an event we have a few times a year where you can meet people who are also looking for a Life Group and potentially leave with a brand new group! Click Here to sign up for the next GroupLink or be contacted when the next GroupLink is scheduled.
Another way you can join a Life Group is to talk with our Groups Pastor, Zack DeBerry, or by using the Map below to find a group you’re interested. Simply search through these groups and contact the leader of that Life Group to schedule a time to visit. Many groups welcome those seeking a new group to join.
Connect Groups are similar to Life Groups in that there are typically a small group of adults or students, but they are different in the following ways:

• Connect Groups are short term.
• Connect Groups are focused on a shared interest.
• Connect Groups are offered a few times a year.

These groups are a great stepping stone if you’re not quite ready for the commitment of a Life Group. Connect Groups provide an easy opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to be in a group before you commit to being part of a Life Group.