UPDATED: Thursday, June 26

KidStreet is Back, Starting Sunday, July 5th!

We couldn't be MORE excited to be opening KidStreet again on July 5th. We've been planning for weeks to put our best foot forward to prepare a SAFE, SECURE and FUN experience for your children at Journey.

There will be many adjustments to the KidStreet experience, and one of the primary changes we'll be using for the next few weeks is Pre-Registration for KidStreet.

Pre-Registration will allow us to make sure we maintain safe numbers in our rooms, and provide the volunteers required to help us love and lead your children. If you'd like to bring your child to KidStreet on July 5th, please take a few moments and Register your child below!

We've also researched & sought guidance to develop guidelines, policies and procedures we'll follow to make your child's KidStreet experience a safe one. You can review these in the description of any Registration for your child.

If you have any questions or need clarity in any area, please email our Children’s Pastor, Nicole Walker, at Nicole@TheJourneyOnline.com. I'd love the opportunity to help your family navigate this re-entry safely!

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Concerning Masks

Also, If you haven't already heard the news, masks are now mandatory for the state of NC. WHAT ABOUT JOURNEY?

Short Answer: Watch This Video!

Our aim is to do what scripture calls us to do - honor our local government & authorities. (Romans 13:1-7)

Our goal is to abide by the request made by Gov. Cooper for public situations in which we cannot always ensure safe social distancing measures. This includes entering and exiting our building, as well as when waiting to check-in kids at KidStreet and picking them up from classes.

Our auditorium has already been set up to establish social distancing requirements so you may (if you choose) take off your mask once seated.

We will have masks available for you, but please feel free to bring your own if you have one. There are a number of medical and behavior exceptions granted in the executive order. Should you claim an exception for not wearing a mask, you do so on the honor system.

We’re asking you to lead by example and help us abide by the request made by our government. Please help us do this with JOY and with HOPE as we continue to gather and celebrate the greatness of God on Sundays.

Matt Dawson | Lead Pastor

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