Message: “Part 3 | Daniel & Nebuchadnezzar” from Don Gentry

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Don Gentry - March 4, 2018

Part 3 | Daniel & Nebuchadnezzar

In Part 3, our executive pastor, Don Gentry, helps us understand how to apply SCMC to the Old Testament story of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar.

From Series: "Eat Your Peas"

Have you ever tried to read the Old Testament and gave up because it was too hard to understand? Did the stories feel outdated or like you couldn’t get a grasp of what in the work is happening in the prophets? Has it felt like being forced to eat all the yucky veggies on your plate as a kid? Well, the good news is, you’re not alone. In our series, Eat Your Peas, we learn how to better understand and read the Old Testament. By applying a simple framework, you’ll have the practical tools in hand to tackle any story in the Old Testament with confidence. We hope you join us for this practical series where we’ll be learning how to read the Old Testament, and don’t worry, it’s nothing like having to eat your peas.

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