At Journey, we don’t think that Students will be the Church, THEY ARE the Church! Journey Students is split into two groups: The Garage for 5th & 6th grade, and The Path for 7th-12th grade. Both are designed to give students a place where they can connect with God, with other people, and have fun.
The Garage is designed to be the perfect transition for Students as they leave KidStreet and enter into Middle School. Every Sunday during the 2nd Service, The Garage is a place for Students to have a lot of fun while they learn more about God. Students are encouraged to grow in their faith while building relationships with others as well.
Exciting games, engaging teaching, and lasting relationships are just a few things that make The Garage the BEST place for 5th & 6th grade students on Sunday morning. No need to sign up, just come down to The Garage this Sunday to jump in!
Student Ministries
We believe that if anyone is going to change the world, it’s the next generation. Every Sunday night, The Path is a place for students to get to know others and God, all while having some fun. Ridiculous games, relevant teaching, & lots of hang time is what you can expect when you join us.
Life Groups are also a big part of what we do at The Path, where students can connect with a Life Group Leader one-on-one. This provides a safe place for students to ask questions, grow closer to Jesus, and build better relationships with other students. It’s about living life alongside your favorite people.