Around here, we believe that Growing brings Change. We also believe that the best way to experience growth in your life is to do life together with others.
Moving from the rows at our gatherings to the circles in groups will help you to build intentional community with others. And while we love Groups, we believe that Intentional Community is the best place for spiritual growth to happen.
God's made each of us so uniquely, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution for Groups at Journey. Every Group doesn't look the same, but they have the same DNA that leads to Intentional Community. Groups at Journey can have lots of configurations and layouts.

  • A group could be 6-8 couples meeting weekly.
  • A group could be 2-3 moms that meet every other week.
  • A group could be a bunch of runners who do a devotional before they take off.
  • A group could be some folks meeting together for a class on processing their grief.
Before you jump into looking for a group, take this advice: Don't wait and wait and wait for the PERFECT group. There's no such thing. Follow the steps below and then take a step. See what God does with your faithfulness and how your life changes after you experience Intentional Community.
We want to make Groups simple and easy to jump into, so to find your Group, you just need to determine your preferred Group Type & Content Type.
Group Types are simply how we structure our groups. We have 4 types:
Men's   |   Women's  
Couples'  |   Mixed (Men & Women)

Once you determine your Group Type, you then need to determine your preferred Content Type. Content Types what you use primarily as a group to grow spiritually. We have 4 types:
Weekend Message Based   |   Study Based  
Interest Based  |   Support Based

Weekend Message Based groups follow along with our weekend series, using discussion questions to drive their conversation.
Study Based groups use video series & books as the fuel for their conversations. This is a typical approach you might have tried before.
Interest Based groups use a common interest to connect together. This could be anything from running to cooking to a TV show to anything you enjoy doing!
Support Based groups are primarily to provide some kind of support to the members. These groups range from dealing with grief to learning healthy financial practices.

Once you know your preferred Group Type & Content Type, you're ready to find your group!

While you can always browse the Group Directory, there are a few times a year that are perfect for you to jump into a Group! This is typically right before the start of what we call Sessions.

Sessions are 12-week long and are the dates when most of our groups meet. In 2019, we'll have 2 Sessions:

Session 1   |   March 3 – May 25
Session 2   |   September 8 – November 30
Before a Session begins, we'll host several GroupLink events after our Sunday Morning gatherings. GroupLink is a brief gathering where you can meet Group Leaders and other people trying to connect in Groups.
No need to register, just listen on Sunday mornings & check out Facebook for our upcoming GroupLink dates. This is the perfect opportunity for you to spend a few minutes and find the group that is right for you!
The only way that we can have enough room for everyone at Journey to experience Intentional Community in a Group is by having people just like you lead our Groups. You don't have to be a Bible wizard or the most outgoing person ever to lead a group. We just ask that you are a disciple of Jesus, a Partner at Journey, and you want to invest in people through Groups.

If you're interested in leading a Group, then simply click the Become a Group Leader button below for more information on your next steps. If you're already a Group Leader, then click the Group Leader Resources button below.