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Matt Dawson - October 21, 2018

Part 1 | My Life

In Part 1, our Lead Pastor Matt Dawson shares about how we can dream again for our own lives as we follow Christ.

From Series: "Dream Again"

Sometimes we can feel like we’re drifting, with no direction in our lives. It can feel so isolating and lonely, but it’s likely one of the more common experience for a person to go through. We might have had aspirations or dreams for our lives before, but now it feels there’s nothing in the tank. Going through life like this is dangerous, and can take us to dark places, but the truth is that we simply need to begin to dream again.
In our series, Dream Again, we’re going to take the time to understand the importance of having hope and dreams for our lives as we follow Christ. We’ll talk about what it looks like to have big dreams for our own lives, big dreams for Journey Church, and even big dreams for our Lake Norman community. Join us where we’ll hear from our Lead Pastor’s heart about dreams and using them to follow God’s call on our lives.

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